2022 is the year of the wedding! After TWO whole years of lockdowns, never-ending postponements, canceled weddings, and broken hearts, 2022 finally feels like the first-year post-pandemic that we can actually start to celebrate again; hence our ultimate guide to 2022 weddings!

While there are still some restrictions in place, weddings are starting to return to their former glory … but with larger guest lists and bolder designs.

It makes sense – couples are ready to celebrate in a BIG way. That means spending more money per guest, adding intentional, personalized details throughout the celebrations, and concentrating their efforts on creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. 

For this ultimate guide to 2022 weddings, we talked to the wedding experts – coordinators, planners, designers, and vendors, to get the best sense of what’s in store for 2022 weddings (specifically, what to expect and what’s in style!).

Culture on display

Nothing is more nostalgic to special guests than adding special touches that represent your culture. From music (like a Mariachi) to special ceremonies (like a Korean Tea ceremony along with a traditional wedding ceremony, shared by In the Clouds Events), show off your culture with pride!

Wedding planner Jenny Goodman shares that couples are thoughtful of what traditions they include in their wedding. They don’t just want to do things because it’s been done in the past, they want to have an emotional connection to everything included. For example, instead of doing a bouquet toss for the single ladies,  they’re opting to give the bouquet to their grandparents that have been married for decades.

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