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Once you have decided that you want a Los Angeles wedding DJ to provide the music for your Los Angeles wedding, you now have to find the perfect Los Angeles wedding DJ for you both. Picking the right Los Angeles wedding DJ for your Los Angeles wedding can seem like a daunting task because you know how important the decision is. Pick a great Los Angeles wedding DJ and it is going to be hard for your reception to be anything less than spectacular. Pick an inexperienced Los Angeles wedding DJ and even with the best food and venue, you are still probably only going to have a reception that was “just ok”. However, there are so many choices in Los Angeles wedding DJs that you may be overwhelmed. Even if DJ Keelez and Associates is not your choice, we still want to make sure you feel good about the Los Angeles wedding DJ you select so here are our top 10 tips for selecting your Los Angeles wedding DJ:

  1. You don’t have to hire someone just because you know them. You may have a cousin or friend who is a Los Angeles wedding DJ, but you want to let their qualifications, not your relationship, be the determining factor in why you choose to book them. If you do choose to go with someone you know, don’t mix business with friendship and always keep things professional. Make sure that you have a contract in place that specifically spells out both your obligations and theirs. 
  2. Ask the venue. Does your venue have a preferred vendor list? If so, those Los Angeles wedding DJs probably know the venue’s acoustics and any special concerns better than most. You might not decide to go with those Los Angeles wedding DJs, however if they are on the preferred vendor list they should be on your interview list too. 
  3. Reach out to your friends and other vendors for referrals. Friends who were recently married and other Los Angeles wedding professionals can be a vital resource when trying to find an amazing Los Angeles wedding DJ to hire. 
  4. Check out Facebook wedding forums for your specific area. Who do people recommend? Read reviews to find out why people recommend a particular Los Angeles wedding DJ over another. 
  5. Narrow down a list of Los Angeles wedding DJs and interview them. If a Los Angeles wedding DJ won’t make time for an interview, how likely are they to make time for you during the wedding planning process? 
  6. Ask about their equipment. Is everything new and state-of-the-art? Are they sponsored or endorsed by any particular brands or companies? 
  7. Inquire about their music library. Will they be able to acquire all of your specific requests prior to the wedding and how will they handle requests on the wedding day?
  8. Make sure they can correctly pronounce your names and know the proper pronouns to use when introducing you both. 
  9. Do they let you know about other available options such as uplighting or photo booths without making you feel like you are being pressured to purchase these options? Your discussions should feel like helpful advice, not uncomfortable sales calls. 
  10. Most importantly, how did you feel after meeting with your Los Angeles wedding DJ? You are going to be spending a lot of time with your vendors and the Los Angeles wedding DJ you hire is going to be a crucial part of your big day. If you did not feel immediately comfortable with the Los Angeles wedding DJ you interviewed, then you should probably keep looking until you find one you really vibe well with. 

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