Choose the right wedding DJ

Are you shopping around for the perfect wedding DJ?

If so, you probably have noticed there are lots of options out there; some with really over the top personalities, others more subdued, some with tons of lights and fancy equipment, others with just the bare necessities. You may even have found some that are ridiculously expensive, and others that are shockingly cheap. So how do you narrow it down? Many people simply look at the price, but if you are wanting an amazing wedding DJ that will play all of your favorite songs and truly match the music to you and your partner’s personalities, there are a few things you should know before starting your search:

  1. Make sure to meet with your DJ before hiring them.

    In-person or via Skype/Face Time is best so you can get a feel for how they interact with you and your partner. You will be spending a lot of time planning a very important event with this person, so you want to be sure you get along well and you are both on the same page with expectations of how the day will go.

  2.  Ensure your DJ has everything you need for the big day.

    Not every DJ provides the same services so if you want someone who can seamlessly mix between songs, make announcements throughout the evening, play alongside a live musician or even simply provide extra speakers or lighting, you want to ask them during the interview process to avoid disappointment later on down the line. SIDE NOTE: Be sure to set realistic budget expectation when planning for add-ons. Cool things come at a cost, so make sure to set aside some wiggle room in your budget in case the company you decide to work with presents some upgrade options that are too good to refuse. More on budgets in a bit…

  3. Any good wedding DJ should provide you with tools to help make music selection easier.

    Ask the DJ what sorts of things they do to help guide you through the process. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to songs to play at your wedding, so you want to make sure the person you hire is willing and able to help you when needed.

  4. Don’t let pricing make the decision for you.

    Cheaper isn’t always better and is usually the sign of an inexperienced DJ. Weddings require a lot of hard work, expensive equipment, talent and experience, so if you want someone good, be prepared to pay around $1,500 for their basic package – $5,000 for something more elaborate.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when choosing the DJ for your wedding, you’re ready to start your search without worrying about making the wrong decision. Best of luck!

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