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DJ Keelez & Associates is proudly 100% LGBTQ+ owned and operated so when it comes to planning a LGBTQ+ wedding, our Los Angeles Wedding DJs know exactly how it’s done! 

As a Los Angeles LGBTQ+ wedding DJ company we don’t have any specific “same-sex” wedding DJ packages. That’s because we understand that every wedding is specific and unique in it’s own way, regardless of the couple walking down the aisle. Hiring a DJ for a LGBTQ+ wedding should be no different than hiring a wedding DJ for a straight wedding. Your wedding DJ should simply see it as a special day with nothing out of the norm.  It’s a wedding and that’s that. Sure, the vows may be a little different and you may have some adjusted formalities (i.e two Father/Daughter dances, a Mother/Daughter or Father/Son dance, a bouquet toss using a football, a garter toss using a jock strap, drag queen/king appearances, etc), however, the music and MCing should still be executed professionally just as they would for any wedding.  It’s our job as professional Los Angeles LGBTQ+ wedding DJs to help you plan and execute the big day you’ve always dreamed of! 


There are some unique concerns that a LGBTQ+ couple may face during the planning process, for example, some LGBTQ+ couples may be concerned that their family members or wedding party members use the correct pronoun when mentioning them in a toast. It’s the responsibility of the DJ/MC to make sure those issues are dealt with before the wedding day arrives so that your guests understand your wishes and avoid any awkward moments at your wedding. You want your Los Angeles LGBTQ+ wedding DJ to understand these points and to incorporate them into the event just as they would any event, but not go over overboard and feel manufactured or to make you feel uncomfortable by being overly enthusiastic about your Los Angles LGBTQ+ wedding as if it were something so out of the ordinary that the Los Angeles wedding DJ needs to bring special attention to it. Our Los Angeles LGBTQ+ wedding DJs promise to give your wedding just as much respect and care as all of our other weddings because we truly believe that all couples should treated equal, no matter who they are or whom they love. 

Remember, we are here for one reason only – to make your wedding day the best it can possibly be!

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